Fat burners are an often misunderstood product, some people see them as the easy answer to their fat loss problem. While others see them as a complete waste of time, something sold by modern day Snake Oil salesmen, and bought by gullible fools. As is often the case, the reality lies somewhere in the middle.

Good fat burners can be quite effective, but need to be combined with regular, intense exercise, and a calorie controlled diet.

In this article we will be reviewing the top 7 most effective fat burning ingredients, this should help you when deciding which fat burning product you want to buy.

Ingredient #1. Caffeine

The most commonly used pre workout and fat burning ingredient is caffeine, this is because it is the most effective. Caffeine is a great performance aid, as it can increase power, increase endurance, reduce the perception of pain, and banish fatigue.

Burn More Calories

This means that you can work harder, and burn more calories during a workout [1].

But caffeine’s main function in a fat burning supplement is not as a performance enhancer, it is as a metabolism booster.

Fat Loss

In 2001 a study by Rumpler et al found that the caffeine in Oolong tea increased both metabolic rate and fat oxidation [2]. Increasing both of these will really help lead to fat loss.

Ingredient #2. Yohimbine

While caffeine is an obvious choice, Yohimbine is nowhere near as well known. Which is a shame because Yohimbine is a surprisingly effective fat burning compound. It is also an effective aphrodisiac.

A 2006 study found that while it didn’t significantly alter body mass, there was a drop in body fat in elite athletes that used it [3].

Best Time to Take

It seems to be the case that Yohimbine works best when taken in a fasted state, so take it before breakfast for best results.

Ingredient #3. Synephrine

If ephedrine was still legal, it would be the number one ingredient on this list. It’s stack with caffeine and aspirin was legendary.

Sadly, the authorities in their infinite wisdom have banned it. In its absence we have Synephrine, which is similar but a lot less effective.

That does not make it ineffective though, and it will still help raise your metabolism and burn fat. A 2011 study found that a combination of Synephrine and Hesperidin led to a 79 calorie increase in resting metabolic rate compared to a placebo group [4].


Just as ephedrine and caffeine worked well together, so does Synephrine and caffeine. Any fat burner that contains both ingredients is going to be more effective than a fat burner with just one.

Ingredient #4. Green Tea Extract

Green tea is a common drink in Asia and is now enjoyed around the world. Green Tea Extract is used as a metabolism raiser and fat burning ingredient.

But not all green tea is created equal, to be more effective the green tea extract requires a higher dosage of EGCG.

Dosage of EGCG

Anything with around 50% EGCG is going to be very effective. Studies have shown that high EGCG green tea extract supplements can massively increase your metabolism, and the fat burning effect [5]. So look for a fat burner that contains an effective amount (45% +) of EGCG.

Note: If you are a habitual caffeine user you may not get as good results as someone who rarely consumes it.

Ingredient #5. Acetyl-L-Carnitine

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a chemical compound that is often included in supplements for its cognitive effects. It can reduce fatigue, and help you think clearer. But in people who are deficient in Acetyl-L-Carnitine, it can actually help to burn fat too.

As an out and out fat burner, Acetyl-L-Carnitine may not be the most effective on this list, but its ability to improve performance, and cognition make it an excellent all-round ingredient.

Ingredient #6. Forskolin

Often used in traditional medicine to treat asthma, Forskolin also seems to reduce body fat and increase testosterone. Making it an excellent fat burning ingredient for men. It also reduces fatigue, increases lean mass, and increases bone mineral density.

Ingredient #7. Cayenne Pepper Extract

The last ingredient that we are going to take a look at today is Cayenne Pepper extract, also known as Capsicum. If you’ve ever eaten a particularly spicy meal and started sweating you’ll have experienced the thermogenic powers of Capsicum.

Thermogenesis will increase your metabolism and therefore increase the amount of fat burned. We’re only talking a small increase in calories burned, but every little helps.

An effective dosage of this will definitely help with the weight loss process so it’s recommended to look for a premium fat burner that discloses the amount used in their product.

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